Recharge & Relax

Enjoy a restorative moment in East Africa For all of the activities East Africa promises, sometimes there comes a moment when finding stillness is worthwhile. In East Africa, you’ll find that moment in a region full of unique and rejuvenating experiences. These are lands of natural beauty, with vast open spaces, lush forests, and shimmering […]

Nature Walks

Walk through the wilderness of East Africa If you are a lover of nature and yearn to be immersed in the serene beauty of the great outdoors, then this activity is perfect for you.   A nature walk is a sensory feast that delights the senses and rejuvenates the soul. The rustling of leaves underfoot, […]

Walking Safaris

Experience East Africa on foot Our walking safaris take you on a journey of discovery through the savannahs, forests, and mountains of East Africa, providing an intimate and authentic experience of the country’s wildlife and culture.   Walking safaris offer a unique opportunity to observe wildlife, including the once-endangered white rhino, up close and personal, […]

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