2023 Mountain Gorilla Permit Prices in Uganda, Rwanda, and DRC

gorilla tracking permit

Having the most updated prices and permits for tracking mountain gorillas is key to making a comprehensive budget for your next trip to East Africa. Gorilla tracking is an incomparable jungle adventure, not only because of the mountain gorilla’s poignant eyes but also because it presents a chance to be close to one of the […]

Everything To Know About Primate Safaris in Uganda

Thinking about embarking on a primate safari in Uganda? Then you’re close to one of the most unique experiences East Africa has to offer! Deciding just what kind of adventure you’re going to go on is a big part of the planning process – and it can get overwhelming! That’s why we’re here to help […]

Where to see UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Uganda

As the Pearl of Africa, Uganda has some of the most amazing natural beauty and cultural wonders to be found in our continent. But did you know that a number of our treasures are actually recognized as internationally important? That’s right. Uganda has a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. UNESCO, which stands for the […]

31 Mountain Gorilla Facts To Know Before You Go Gorilla Tracking

Mountain gorillas are one of East Africa’s most incredible animals. Living in just three countries (and you won’t find them in any zoo), the only way to see a mountain gorilla is to actually travel to its home in the mountainous forests. As travelers often have many questions for us about these unbelievable creatures ahead […]

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