The best months for a beautiful Uganda safari

When you’re planning a Uganda safari tour, one of the first decisions you have to make is when you’ll be packing your bags. That’s probably why you’re searching for the best month for a beautiful Uganda safari! Why is timing so important? In addition to planning your own schedule – maybe you’ve got to keep […]

5 Day Trips To Take From Entebbe

Whether you’re in town for a quick business trip or you booked yourself a little bit of leisure time after your safari, there are plenty of ways to spend an extra day in Entebbe. Known for being the home to Uganda’s international airport, there is plenty more to do than just fly in and out. […]

Where to see the Big 5 in Uganda

the african lion

When travelers search for where to find the Big 5, they are often pleasantly surprised to find out it’s possible in Uganda. There are some countries that are well known internationally for their safaris that show-off the Big 5, like South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania. In fact, there are 13 countries in total that make […]

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